The Wildlife Rescue program is a joint collaboration between the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi & The National Aquarium of Abu Dhabi.

Our mission is to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release native wildlife in the Abu Dhabi Emirate; we aim to ensure a world of natural treasures for future generations.

EAD calls on the community to report injured wildlife or environmental emergencies, through the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre at

National Aquarium

Our Permanent Residents


The African Grey Parrot

Say ‘hello pretty bird’ to Jambo, our African Grey Parrot.

Winning the hearts of The National Aquarium team, Jambo flapped his wings straight into one of our construction sites on a very windy day in January 2020. After rushing him to get a health check, we then tried to track down his owner with UAE authorities but his tag was not registered. Sadly, this meant that Jambo was a victim of illegal trafficking.

Today, we are on a mission to educate others about this tragedy and bring awareness to the fact that approximately 21% of the African Grey Parrot population in the wild are harvested by poachers every year. Transported in poorly built boxes many don’t make the journey, either dying from suffocation, fungal infections or nutritional deficiencies. They are now classified as an endangered species by the IUCN.

Want to see Jambo spread his wings and fly? Sharing his home with more than 46,000 animals, Jambo can be found in The Flooded Forest by the Waterfall alongside all the other free-flying birds.

National Aquarium


The Green Iguana

Slither up to Iggy, our very affectionate and colourful Green Iguana.

Rescued from an animal shelter in the U.A.E, Iggy was transported to The National Aquarium facilities where UAE authorities believed she would get the best possible care and attention.

As large reptiles, Green Iguanas can reach up to 1.5 meters long and like to spend their time on rocks or up in trees munching on leaves, flowers and fruits. Inhabiting the tropical forests of South America, these reptiles are generally abundant in the wild, however in recent years have become very popular as pets. Unfortunately this means they are often exposed to irresponsible importing and placed in environments that are unsuitable. Green Iguanas are sadly now an endangered species, which is why The National Aquarium are so passionate about raising awareness about the importance of their protection.

National Aquarium

Amal (Woody)

Loggerhead turtles are a breed that is rarely seen in the UAE!

After being found entangled in a fishing net that was left stranded by local fishermen, the turtle was transported to our facility for urgent care. She was nursed back to health and later pre-released with all the 200 other green and sea rescued turtles into the UAE’s Natural Treasures Zone.

Sadly, she will not be able to survive alone back in the wild, as she was found already missing one flipper due to unknown causes, and will have to remain within the aquarium for permanent care.

Loggerhead Sea Turtles are a fundamental link in the marine ecosystem and help maintain the health of coral reefs and seagrass beds which are essential to the survival of all oceanic life.

The Wildlife Rescue team calls upon all citizens and fishermen around the UAE to always respect the nature that surrounds them and remember the collective consequences of their daily actions.

National Aquarium